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Fedora Core 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Installation

This is the first of a multiple part series on Fedora Core 3. I put this together in response to a discussion regarding whether Linux, and specifically Fedora Core, is ready for the masses. My response is: I’ll show you and you can decide for yourself. To that end, I’ve included several screenshots and an


Book review: Good To Be King

As promised, here is my review of Good To Be King by Michael Badnarik. Good To Be King is divided into 26 short chapters, an appendix, complete copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and contains a foreword by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). Paul writes: “Mr. Badnarik starts with fundamentals, identifying the difference between


Censorship is alive and well in the U.S.A.

I am in a severe state of shock after reading the U.S. plan to institute censorship — within the U.S. — of publications written by foreign dissidents in certain countries.


Terrorism will get worse before it gets better

Just as I predicted, the Muslim world hates the U.S. even more than ever, because of George W. Bush’s so-called war on terror and the invasion of Iraq.


Michael Badnarik’s Constitution class

Michael Badnarik announced today he is resuming his Constitution classes. I’m really looking forward to this. As soon as there’s one anywhere near Iowa City, I’m there. And if you live in eastern Iowa and are interested in setting one up, let me know. To view video from a past Constitution class, check out the


Open letter to Michael Badnarik and Richard Campagna

First of all, thank you for your inspiring campaign for President. You and Mr. Campagna helped light many fires of liberty here in Iowa, and I’m proud to be one of them. While I’ve always been a proponent of limited government, it wasn’t until your campaign that I felt truly motivated to do something, that


Independent & Third Party Roundtable

Independent & Third Party Roundtable The 2004 Elections and Beyond Hartford, Connecticut — On Wednesday, November 10, 2004, leading representatives of America’s third parties and independent presidential candidates in the 2004 elections will gather to discuss the outcome of the elections and its implications for the future. (More) Okay, but when and where can I


Treasurer of Pa. Libertarian Party arrested for tax evasion

And here comes the government. Just out today on the AP newswire is this article:


Hello world!

So after struggling for most of Friday night to get this thing installed, I have succeeded! I even managed to customize it a little bit. Guess this makes me a blogger. Say hi or something. OK, so you all know me. What should I write about first? Pick a topic. “The hard part is not

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