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Playing Texas Hold’em may get you arrested

Virtually every blogger is familiar with Texas Hold’em, a variant of poker which seems to have gained in popularity in recent years, mainly because the spammers have taken to posting ads for it all over blogs’ comment sections wherever they can. What you may not know is that Texas Hold’em is actually gaining a significant


Security options limited for pirate copies of Windows

It seems about 65% of my readers still use Windows for whatever reason (work, or games). Microsoft has decided that if your copy of Windows is pirated, you will not have access to Windows Update or any downloads from the Web site, and the only way you will get security updates for the computer


Fedora Core 3 Walkthrough Part 2: First Boot, Updates and Security

So I finally got my shit together and assembled all the screenshots for Part 2 of the series. If you recall from Part 1 I installed Fedora Core 3 on a fresh, clean hard drive, showing each step of the process. Now if you did the same, and actually waited all this time to see

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