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Keylogger found in Dell laptop is a hoax

Why would Dell be shipping Inspiron 600m laptops with integrated hardware keyloggers? Why are the keyloggers hard-wired to the Ethernet port? And why would the Secret Service refuse FOIA requests about it?

Update: The answer is, they probably wouldn’t. This is most likely fake. The images appear to have been taken from here, and the letter from Homeland Security is a pretty decent Photoshop job based on this.

However, Dell has been asking customers what they plan to use their computers for, claiming they are required to do so by the PATRIOT Act.

Finally, does your laptop contain a keylogger? If you’re feeling adventurous, open it up, look around, and report back. If you find one, pictures would be really nice.

Update: Snopes has picked this one up as well. And my request for pictures of a keylogger in your laptop still stands…

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