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Homeland Security can’t even keep its own computer running

It seems the Department of Homeland Stupidity can’t even keep its own web site up. Visitors to the site tonight receive a page which looks much like this. Other pages report either “No content found’ or “Error 500.’ And you want to trust these people with your computer security? They’re running Java Server Pages. Come


Disney requires finger scan to enter park

If you were planning a trip to any of the Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando, Fla., you will now have to scan your fingers at the front gates before you’ll be admitted to the park. Previously only season ticket holders’ fingers were scanned, but now everyone has to have their fingers scanned. Disney


New Jersey to get voter-verified paper trail by 2008

In some good news, New Jersey’s acting governor has signed into law a requirement that all voting machines produce a verifiable paper record of the voter’s intentions before the 2008 elections. The EFF has more information. They are filing suit to have the law enforced before the 2006 elections, saying 2008 is too long to


Free credit reports: Good, bad or ugly?

Kevin Fields wrote in to tell me that the CEO of Equifax doesn’t think free credit reports are a good idea. Referring to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act as “unconstitutional,’ Thomas Chapman said that giving everyone a free credit report once a year won’t help protect people from fraud. “It’s like turning on


New York City cuts off cell phone service in Holland, Lincoln, Midtown and Battery tunnels

Immediately after the London bombings on 7 July, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Metropolitan Transit Authority cut power to the microcells in the Holland, Lincoln, Midtown and Battery tunnels which provide Verizon Wireless cellular phone users with mobile phone service. Service was restored this afternoon to the Midtown and Battery


Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis season premiere Friday, 15 July

Season 9 of Stargate SG-1 and Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis begin in the U.S. on Friday, July 15th. SG-1 begins at 8pm/7pm and Atlantis begins at 9pm/8pm on the Sci-Fi Channel. In addition, Sci-Fi will air all of Season 8 of SG-1 in order beginning tomorrow, July 7th at 8am/7am, and all of Season


Technorati is putting the wrong tags on my posts, sorry!

It appears that Technorati is somehow confusing the tags of my posts, and in many cases the tags for one post get associated with the previous post. Apologies to those of you looking for something and finding something else! If this is happening to you, try going to the post immediately following the one you


Independence Day, a celebration of freedom and a reminder to be vigilant

On July 4, people all over the United States will take the day off work, grill up steaks and burgers in their backyards, set off fireworks, and generally party a lot. Independence Day is a celebration of American freedom. At the same time we must remember the many sacrifices that our brothers and sisters and


Minnesota government shuts down

Minnesota government came to a grinding halt today after lawmakers failed to pass a budget. The shutdown came at midnight after lawmakers failed late Thursday to pass a temporary spending plan to keep the government up and running. The Senate adjourned 20 minutes after Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he hoped the two sides could

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