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Kutztown, Pa. school district: Downloading iChat is a felony

Updated September 2: Twelve of the thirteen students have been offered an informal adjustment, where all charges will be dropped for community service and a brief probation. The other student will face charges as he had a prior criminal history. Thirteen high school students in Kutztown, Pa., have been charged with computer trespass, a third


Inside the Saviour Sect, a radical Muslim terrorist group

The London Times placed a reporter undercover for two months inside the Saviour Sect, an extremist Muslim terrorist group operating in the U.K. The report in today’s Sunday Times shows what life as a terrorist is like. Last week Omar Brooks stirred controversy with televised comments, but they were carefully chosen to avoid appearing to


USA PATRIOT Act renewal passed Senate

Last Friday, before the Senate went on recess, they unanimously passed the renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act. Lawmakers must meet in conference when they return in the fall to iron out differences between the House and Senate versions. The bills do make some modifications to the act. Among the changes: The Senate version would


NYCLU sues city over subway searches

The New York Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the city, alleging that its random bag searches are unconstitutional even while doing nothing to prevent terrorism. “This NYPD bag search policy is unprecedented, unlawful and ineffective,” said Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the NYCLU. “It is essential that police be aggressive in maintaining security


Third military prosecutor says Guantanamo Bay trials rigged

A third military prosecutor has requested reassignment due to concerns over the military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay being “rigged’ and not providing detainees a fair hearing. The Pentagon claims, however, that it’s simply a misunderstanding related to “personality conflicts.’ Last year two other prosecutors also walked out on the tribunal with the same concerns. The


Fred Collins for Mayor

Today I received an unexpected envelope in snail mail “From the desk of Councilman Fred Collins.” Collins is a city councilman in Berkley, Michigan. I’m in Iowa City, Iowa, so why is he writing me? Then I remembered who Fred Collins is. Fred Collins took some time off from his duties as city councilman to


Blogger arrested; told to quit blogging or go to prison

Bryan DuBois, editor of, was arrested last month in retaliation for exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech and to petition the government for a redress of grievances when he wrote about judicial corruption. Also charged was Elsebeth Baumgartner, who wrote on the site. DuBois has filed a petition for a writ of

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