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Denver bus riders forced to show ID or risk arrest and prosecution

Deborah Davis was riding the bus to work in Denver one fateful morning last September, when security guards boarded the bus and demanded to see everyone’s ID. Davis refused and federal police boarded and arrested her. The Denver bus route that Davis used happens to cross the Denver Federal Center, and although Davis doesn’t get


Smoking bans not about health of non-smokers

A couple of interesting notes about smoking bans being passed or in effect in various places around the country. First off, it seems they aren’t about clearing the air for non-smokers after all. If you’ve gotten used to smoke-free bars, here’s a new concept to wrap your mind around: smoke-free cigar lounges. This innovation comes


Online Freedom of Speech Act

H.R. 1606, known as the Online Freedom of Speech Act, comes up for a vote Wednesday in the House of Representatives. The act would protect people such as myself from the evil Federal Election Commission, which has proposed regulations which would stifle free speech on the Internet in the guise of campaign finance reform.

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