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Government tries to stop AT&T surveillance lawsuit

A federal appeals court on Wednesday agreed to hear arguments from the government as to why a lawsuit against AT&T for its alleged cooperation in a terrorist surveillance program should be dismissed due to state secrets.


The cover-up of Homeland Security’s virus infection

Last August a Windows virus infected over 1,300 computers which Customs and Border Protection uses to screen foreign travelers visiting the U.S. The bureau almost immediately tried to cover up the incident. In “The Virus That Ate DHS,’ Wired reporter and former hacker Kevin Poulsen illustrates that the Department of Homeland Security’s grasp on computer


The TSA Follies

Airport security is in good hands with the Transportation Security Administration . . . and monkeys might fly out of my butt. The TSA’s new motto is “Vigilant, Effective, Efficient.’ Let’s see about that. Here are four examples of how the TSA seems to be, well, a bad joke.

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