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Secret bailouts coming?

It’s bad enough that the federal government wants to spend trillions of dollars of your children’s money to bail out financial institutions that should be allowed to collapse for the good of the economy. But under the terms of the proposed bailout plan, the government will be able to rescue bad banks in secret. Meanwhile


Stimulus Package Store, GSE Jumbo Out Back

Hot damn. The government is going to stimulate the economy. Not with a lap dance or lubricated love glove, but with taxpayer dollars. Come summer, Mister and Miz America will get a rebate from Uncle Sam. What a man! Some people will get more than a thou of their own money back. Consumers will rush


Hawaii gas price rises due to cap

Last September, Hawaii instituted a so-called cap on gasoline prices, and now has the highest gas prices in the country. As the oil industry pointed out at the time, setting a cap on gasoline prices would threaten the supply of gasoline for the island and thus cause prices to rise. WorldNetDaily reports on the impact

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