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FEMA still handing out Katrina cash inappropriately

A Congressional investigation found that the Federal Emergency Management Agency paid out an estimated $1 billion inappropriately after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, but to date have recovered less than one percent of the amount. Government Accountability Office investigators testified at a hearing Wednesday that in addition, FEMA is still sending out tens of millions of


Chertoff: “We need to re-engineer FEMA’

Department of Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff told a House committee Wednesday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response to Hurricane Katrina was “not without flaws” and that he was prepared to “re-engineer FEMA’ to respond better to future disasters. You can read Chertoff’s prepared remarks, as well as Associated Press and New York Times


New Orleans police steal cars, attack reporters

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into New Orleans, a new danger to human life and property has emerged: the New Orleans Police Department. New Orleans police allegedly stole some 200 cars from a dealership well before Katrina even made landfall. Doug Stead, president and general manager of the dealership, said


New Orleans reopening suspended

New Orleans mayor C. Ray Nagin has suspended the reopening of New Orleans to residents due to concerns over Hurricane Rita. “The conditions have changed. We have another hurricane approaching us,” Nagin said. Rita, now a Category 1 hurricane, is predicted to enter the Gulf of Mexico and continue gathering strength. At this time it


Bush disaster image from the UK

The Register on Friday published this entirely hilarious image from Sky News. Read the caption.


First water, then fire for New Orleans

Fires broke out all over New Orleans Friday as 7,000 troops finally arrived to bring much needed food, water and order to a besieged city. George W. Bush showed up, too. Firefighters were largely unable to do anything but watch structures burn as there is no water pressure in the city available to fight fires.


Governor: Do not return to New Orleans

Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco this morning urged people who evacuated to remain outside the region until officials have determined it is safe to return. While reports are sketchy at best at this time, parts of New Orleans have been confirmed to be underwater, the Superdome has developed a hole in its roof and is leaking

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