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Partitioning to dual boot Linux and Windows walkthrough

You can’t have been on the Internet more than a week without hearing about this Linux thing. But in case you haven’t, Linux is an operating system. That’s the software that is your computer, so to speak. Most of you have some version of Windows. Many of you have Mac OS X. And millions of


Fedora Core 3 Walkthrough Part 2: First Boot, Updates and Security

So I finally got my shit together and assembled all the screenshots for Part 2 of the series. If you recall from Part 1 I installed Fedora Core 3 on a fresh, clean hard drive, showing each step of the process. Now if you did the same, and actually waited all this time to see


Fedora Core 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Installation

This is the first of a multiple part series on Fedora Core 3. I put this together in response to a discussion regarding whether Linux, and specifically Fedora Core, is ready for the masses. My response is: I’ll show you and you can decide for yourself. To that end, I’ve included several screenshots and an

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