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A House Divided Over NSA Spying on Americans

Had Amash’s amendment passed, it would have been a significant symbolic victory over the administration’s massive violations of our Fourth Amendment protections. But we should be careful about believing that even if it had somehow miraculously survived the Senate vote and the President’s veto, it would have resulted in any significant change in how the Intelligence Community would behave toward Americans.


Government tries to stop AT&T surveillance lawsuit

A federal appeals court on Wednesday agreed to hear arguments from the government as to why a lawsuit against AT&T for its alleged cooperation in a terrorist surveillance program should be dismissed due to state secrets.


New York City cuts off cell phone service in Holland, Lincoln, Midtown and Battery tunnels

Immediately after the London bombings on 7 July, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Metropolitan Transit Authority cut power to the microcells in the Holland, Lincoln, Midtown and Battery tunnels which provide Verizon Wireless cellular phone users with mobile phone service. Service was restored this afternoon to the Midtown and Battery

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