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The cover-up of Homeland Security’s virus infection

Last August a Windows virus infected over 1,300 computers which Customs and Border Protection uses to screen foreign travelers visiting the U.S. The bureau almost immediately tried to cover up the incident. In “The Virus That Ate DHS,’ Wired reporter and former hacker Kevin Poulsen illustrates that the Department of Homeland Security’s grasp on computer


Trusted computing? Not with Microsoft

A while back I wrote about trusted computing and how Microsoft’s implementation, the Next Generation Secure Computing Base, was set to impose onerous restrictions on computer owners, such as preventing them from playing legally purchased media with a player not approved by Microsoft. The post got some scathing criticism from some trusted computing practitioners who


Customs Service computers shut down

Updated A U.S. Customs computer system used for processing passengers arriving on international flights shut down for several hours Thursday, resulting in lengthy delays for arriving travelers. At one point Miami International Airport had over 2,000 passengers waiting to clear immigration. The airport, along with airports in the New York area, were clearing passengers by


Homeland Security can’t even keep its own computer running

It seems the Department of Homeland Stupidity can’t even keep its own web site up. Visitors to the site tonight receive a page which looks much like this. Other pages report either “No content found’ or “Error 500.’ And you want to trust these people with your computer security? They’re running Java Server Pages. Come


Partitioning to dual boot Linux and Windows walkthrough

You can’t have been on the Internet more than a week without hearing about this Linux thing. But in case you haven’t, Linux is an operating system. That’s the software that is your computer, so to speak. Most of you have some version of Windows. Many of you have Mac OS X. And millions of


Security options limited for pirate copies of Windows

It seems about 65% of my readers still use Windows for whatever reason (work, or games). Microsoft has decided that if your copy of Windows is pirated, you will not have access to Windows Update or any downloads from the Web site, and the only way you will get security updates for the computer

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