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Technorati is putting the wrong tags on my posts, sorry!

It appears that Technorati is somehow confusing the tags of my posts, and in many cases the tags for one post get associated with the previous post. Apologies to those of you looking for something and finding something else! If this is happening to you, try going to the post immediately following the one you


How not to market your business

I was just about to go to bed, when this person logged in to IRC and started asking… No, that’s not right. Started whining… Ostensibly, he wanted to enter into some sort of business arrangement with WordPress, to send him sales leads. But we found out he had no product and a serious need for


Well, I was on vacation…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been spending much time away from news sources, computers, and the usual suspects, and actually trying to get out of the house once in a while and see actual human beings in person. So I haven’t written too much. While I was out, some comment spammers decided to

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