San Francisco may charge for grocery bags

This was funny the first time I read it. I really couldn’t believe, for a moment, that anyone would seriously consider this. Then I realized it’s San Francisco, which apparently has more mental illness per capita than anywhere else on the planet–

The AP reported today that the San Francisco city council is considering a 17 cent per bag charge for paper and plastic grocery bags, to be added onto your grocery bill. The charge may also be applied other places where paper and plastic bags are used.

The ostensible goal of this proposal is to reduce plastic bag pollution, but paper bags were added so as not to discriminate. And the initial proposal only affects large supermarkets such as Safeway and Albertson’s at first, though it could be expanded to corner stores, dry cleaners, etc.

This proposal is ridiculous on its face and is quite indicative of the insanity to be found in the Bay Area. Which is why I’m never going there again if I can avoid it. I leave it to all of you to continue to make fun of these damned fools–

One thought on “San Francisco may charge for grocery bags

  • March 3, 2007 at 1:45 am

    People who think that they are entitled to waste and pollute as much as they want are the ridiculous ones. Having a plastic tax on disposable grocery bags is a great idea. The money raised from the tax is usually allocated for environmental conservation and it enourages people to be more responsible consumers. Hopefully many more cities will follow San Francisco and Ireland’s example.

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