McDonald’s to outsource drive-thru orders

McDonald’s Corp. is planning to hire call center employees to take drive-thru orders, according to a Reuters wire report.

“If you’re in L.A–. and you hear a person with a North Dakota accent taking your order, you’ll know what we’re up to,” said Jim Skinner, chief executive officer for McDonald’s, at the Bear Stearns Retail, Restaurant and Apparel Conference on Thursday.

Having call center employees take drive-thru orders can improve efficiency and order accuracy, which McDonald’s has had trouble with in the past. I am told that this is something that is already being tested in Los Angeles-area McDonald’s restaurants, not something on the drawing board.

Fargo, eh? Wait until McDonald’s finds out about Bangalore. Then we’ll really have confusion at the drive-thru. On second thought, I don’t think they could find anyone in India willing to sell people hamburgers, but they definitely could do it in Manila or any of several other Asian cities where outsourcing runs rampant. And, at least in Los Angeles, it’s likely that few would notice.

One thought on “McDonald’s to outsource drive-thru orders

  • November 30, 2005 at 6:59 pm

    Several fast food places have started using video screens in their drive-thru lanes which show the customer’s order as it is placed, either in text or in pictures, though I’ve never seen one at a McDonald’s. And I wasn’t able to find any evidence from a couple of quick Google searches that they had begun doing so, even as a test.

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