Homeland Stupidity

Bad Behavior 1.0-rc3

See also the permanent page for Bad Behavior and the announcement for Bad Behavior 1.0.

Security Update: All Bad Behavior users should update to 1.0-rc3 immediately to prevent malicious attacks on your database.

I’ll skip the usual mumbo jumbo and skip right to the important parts:

Fixed in this release:

Important: Some files in the plugin were renamed in Release Candidate 2. If you are upgrading from Release Candidate 1, you will need to remove the Bad Behavior files from your server, upload the new files, and re-enable the plugin in your WordPress admin panel. You do not need to do this if you are upgrading from Release Candidate 2.

Thank you again to everyone who has tried out Bad Behavior and provided valuable feedback. Both the praise and the trouble reports are greatly appreciated! Please feel free to contact me if you have either.