Radio Free Ohio exposed as Clear Channel station

Clear Channel Communications, that corporate behemoth in control of almost every radio station on your FM dial here in the U.S., is trying some new marketing tactics. They’ve started up a fake pirate radio station (now shut down) in Akron, Ohio, according to Stay Free!

It’s official: even Clear Channel is sick of Clear Channel. The company has set up a fake pirate radio station [taken down, 5/26/05] in Akron, Ohio, which it’s using to hurl insults at other Clear Channel stations. For about a week, Radio Free Ohio has feigned overthrowing Ohio’s media monopoly by bleeding its broadcasts into WNIR and other Clear Channel stations.

Clever but stupid. This is not going to stop people from hating Clear Channel. You’re still going to get the same corporate talking heads, the same corporate music playlists, (and this is “music’ which should be banned under the Geneva Convention rules on torture) the same spoon-fed crap.