GreenZap opens for business

It’s official. On 1 June, GreenZap opened its doors, accepting user registrations and doing business. GreenZap is an alternative method of sending money across the Internet. If you’re looking for an alternative to PayPal, this just might be it.

GreenZap offers two types of accounts, a basic GreenZap account and an upgraded Gold account. The Gold account offers reduced transaction fees, increased rewards, and a GreenZap Stored Value MasterCard® or Visa® for off-line spending.

Oh, and did I mention they give you $25 for signing up, and $5 or more for referring people to them? I know one person who, on opening day, had made nearly $2,000 from referrals.

The company appears, as best I can tell, to be legitimate. So go sign up now!

Update 26 June: Many people have written in to say that GreenZap may not be legitimate or may be scamming. I have no way to verify the claims made by these people, but I still maintain that as long as you haven’t given them any money, it can’t hurt to sign up and watch.