Ban on rocks imposed

Seems the police in Los Angeles don’t want the people crowded around the courthouse at the Michael Jackson trial to have rocks to hold down their posters, signs, blankets, etc. The BBC made only a brief mention of the ban:

Earlier this week, police banned those camped out in front of court from using rocks to hold down their posters, amid fears the stones could be stockpiled as weapons. — BBC News

Oh, sure, and the concealed sniper rifle is no problem, though, right? There are a bunch of stupid people out there, but come on, stockpiles of weapons? A couple of rocks to hold down a poster is a stockpile of weapons? If it’s big enough to hold down the poster from blowing away in the wind, it’s probably too big to throw easily. Will someone who knows more about throwing rocks please comment on this?

Thanks to The Modern American.

One thought on “Ban on rocks imposed

  • June 12, 2005 at 5:10 am

    Ugg not need stockpiles. Ugg only need one really big rock to smash entire LAPD. Ugg only have two hands, can’t throw many rocks at once.

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