Bad Behavior 1.1.2

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Bad Behavior 1.1.2, the latest version of the Web’s only portable link spam killer, has been released.

Fixed in this release:

  • Due to recent changes made by Microsoft, MSNBot was being blocked about 70% of the time. This has been fixed.

Changed in this release:

  • A very surprisingly large number of people wanted to have individual bad_behavior_log tables for each installation of WordPress, MediaWiki, Geeklog, etc., rather than a combined table. This is now supported and Bad Behavior will create a table using the table prefix provided by each individual software. This means, for instance, instead of a bad_behavior_log table, you will have a wp_bad_behavior_log table on WordPress, or a mw1_bad_behavior_log table on MediaWiki. The table prefix, of course, will vary depending on the settings of the software on which Bad Behavior is installed. The old combined bad_behavior_log table will be left in place; you will need to rename or remove it yourself if you desire.

I’m also moving closer to having the Geeklog port stabilized and included in the mainline Bad Behavior release. Currently it is built and distributed separately.

Thanks again to everyone who has written me, and written on their own sites, about their successes with Bad Behavior. It’s that time again, so Download Bad Behavior now!