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Watching the VoIP revolution

For quite a while now I have been interested in VoIP and the effect it is having and will continue to have on telecommunications and society at large. But I have a little problem keeping up with VoIP news: I have so many newsfeeds in my feed reader now that I can barely keep up with the news I work with for this site!

The typical RSS aggregator software presents feed items one at a time, and not necessarily ordered by date; they may be ordered by feed instead. This is fine, but it can make it difficult and fairly time-consuming to keep up with a lot of news. I use Liferea, which is an excellent feed reader, because it supports interleaving news items. But with 28 feeds and new ones getting added almost every day, it’s starting to get a little out of control. There has to be an easier way to watch a lot of news items from multiple sources at once.

As it turns out, there is. With MagpieRSS and a small aggregator script you can turn WordPress into an RSS aggregator, and all your posts will be ordered by date and interleaved. Just the way I want it.

To test this concept I’ve created VoIP Blog and fed it several sources of VoIP related news from all over the Internet. It appears to be working quite well; I can go through a week’s worth of news in just a few minutes to find anything of interest. In addition I can post my own original content in WordPress static pages, and some of that is on the way.

I expect this little test will make it much easier for me to both keep up with VoIP news and to write about VoIP. And if VoIP is something you’re interested in, it’ll make it much easier for you to keep up as well. In the near future I plan to move all the newsfeeds I use for this site into a WordPress blog as well, and see how well it works out. Since I’m spending a lot of time just reading through news in the feed reader, I expect this to save me a lot of time in the long run. Not to mention provide raw access to the news for anybody who wants it.

Update: If you’re wanting to do this, I would recommend FeedWordPress instead.