Learn from a dummy: wear your seat belt

Tracy over at Irregular Times takes a moment to remind us all why wearing seat belts is so important.

It’s a very sobering thing to every day look into the eyes of a person who is slowly beginning to understand that he will never walk again. He will never sit up without help again. He will never tie his own shoes again. Hell, he may not ever wear shoes again. He will never pick up his 8 month old daughter again. He will never make love to his wife again. He will never get himself a drink of water again. He saw me come and go to my normal life every day, but it will be months and months, if not years, before he ever leaves the very building he entered the day of his accident. And then, when he does leave the hospital, it will be to go to a nursing home. At the age of 26. — Irregular Times

As you travel this holiday weekend, remember, you could learn a lot from a dummy.