Technorati is putting the wrong tags on my posts, sorry!

It appears that Technorati is somehow confusing the tags of my posts, and in many cases the tags for one post get associated with the previous post. Apologies to those of you looking for something and finding something else! If this is happening to you, try going to the post immediately following the one you arrived at, and it will probably be the one you want.

The tags appear in the correct <content:encoded> section of the feed, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

To help sort this out I have redirected Technoratibot to the original RSS2 feed rather than the FeedBurner feed which most everyone else gets. Hopefully this will improve the situation, and if it does, I’ll update this post.

Update 4 July: This did indeed fix the problem, whatever it is. Technoratibot can’t seem to get the right tags in the FeedBurner feed, but it gets them right from the WordPress feed. Technorati is aware of the issue and I’ll update again when I am aware of a fix. Also, other people are having the same problem, and not with FeedBurner feeds.

Update 5 July: Well it appears I was wrong. Technorati still is associating the tags with the wrong posts, even on the original WordPress feed. I suspect it’s falling back to the XHTML, which is tricky at best. Though the feed is plain old RSS2 and should be easy enough to parse. So I dunno what’s going on.

Update 8 July: I received a response from Technorati that the issue should be fixed. I did some quick spot checks and it seems that my new posts have the correct tags, though posts made while the trouble was occurring now have both the correct tags and the wrong tags. I can live with that.