Government employees can’t write

An Associated Press report today covers the nearly quarter billion dollars that state governments are spending to teach their employees how to write.

States spend nearly a quarter of a billion dollars a year on remedial writing instruction for their employees, according to a new report that says the indirect costs of sloppy writing probably hurt taxpayers even more. — Associated Press

The National Commission on Writing is expected to release the report Tuesday. Its last report dealt with the lack of writing ability in private business, showing that employers place a premium on good writing skills, and that people unable to write well would have much trouble getting ahead.

Unless you really haven’t been paying attention, you must be aware of the dismal state of education in America today, compared to as little as 50 years ago when the Department of Education was established. Since then the quality of an American education has been steadily declining. No wonder some people want to get rid of it.

It’s time to introduce real reform in American education which actually improves the quality thereof. School vouchers are a good start. Getting rid of the No Child Left Behind (by holding everyone back) Act would be another.

One thought on “Government employees can’t write

  • July 4, 2005 at 10:24 am

    I agree with the last bit about the child left behind yet. Being in highschool now, the effects of this act are painstakingly obvious, and its really cheating many people out of an education. While I get the whole idea behind helping struggling children, “no” child left behind is a little extreme, because I’m sure that everybody knows that there are some kids who just don’t care about school, and because of their lack of effort, everyone else is held back with them.

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