Disney requires finger scan to enter park

If you were planning a trip to any of the Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando, Fla., you will now have to scan your fingers at the front gates before you’ll be admitted to the park.

Previously only season ticket holders’ fingers were scanned, but now everyone has to have their fingers scanned. Disney says it is to help keep track of who is using legitimate tickets.

I think it’s a step in the wrong direction,’ Civil Liberties Union spokesman George Crossley said. “I think it is a step toward collection of personal information on people regardless of what Disney says.’

Crossley said they will be looking into the scans.

“The collecting of this fingertip information and how it is to be used and what the source of that information is as it relates to what it will show — I don’t like it and we will look into it,” Crossley said. — Local 6 News

I once had an employer who used similar technology for their employee time clock. It didn’t work half the time, and long lines in front of the time clock and manual adjustments to the time sheets were common. Even if things have improved, what is Disney really doing with this information? And can it be misused if it falls into the wrong hands?