Department of Homeland Security still clueless

Jeff Crouere at Bayou Buzz has a scathing commentary on the Department of Homeland Security’s mismanagement of homeland security issues.

Some choice cuts:

DHS has become a hulking monstrosity of a government bureaucracy, spending billions of dollars on projects and creating agencies that have limited effectiveness, such as the Transportation Security Agency (TSA).

That’s what government does best: create bureaucracy and spend money. It is completely incapable of solving most problems. It’s telling how ineffective the government is at homeland security when ordinary citizens have to come together to do a job the government should be doing!

Chertoff needs to focus on security priorities instead of ways to shuffle his mammoth 180,000 employee department.

But everybody enjoys a good bureaucratic shakeup! It gives government employees something to do instead of their jobs. It gives the media something to babble about. And it gives the unsuspecting public the (usually false) impression that something is actually happening and things will get better.

Chertoff did not outline a detailed plan to prevent the flow of illegal aliens and potential terrorists into our border. If our country cannot control the border how can we protect the homeland?

I’m surprised more people haven’t figured this out by now. Not only do we have Mexicans crossing the border, we’ve got Brazilians, Iraqis, and Gawd knows who else crossing the desert to get into this country, and not all of them are coming here because they like us. While pretty much anyone who can walk can cross the border, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is apparently more interested in protecting Major League Baseball’s copyrights than deporting illegal aliens — or even preventing new ones from coming in.

What this country needs is a Department of Homeland Security that is streamlined and focused on critical issues like border safety. Unfortunately, the country has another career bureaucrat and politician in charge of our most important department. May God protect the United States of America because DHS certainly is not doing the job.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.