New Jersey: No smoking in your car

The state of New Jersey now wants to ban smoking in your own car. Assemblyman John McKeon (D-West Orange) introduced legislation which would prohibit smoking while driving.

McKeon, an anti-tobacco activist, cites a report from AAA which stated that one percent of 32,000 driver-distraction accidents were related to smoking.

In case math isn’t your strongest subject, that’s 320 accidents nationwide. How about the other 31,640 accidents?

Besides being completely stupid legislation, we already have laws against reckless and negligent driving. This law isn’t needed. And however you feel about smoking yourself, everyone has the right to smoke while sitting alone in their car. Just make a law that says you have to pay attention while driving, and be done with it.

Oh, wait, this is New Jersey, where nobody can drive, where people drive through red lights and stop at green lights–

NBC 10 News has more information.

One thought on “New Jersey: No smoking in your car

  • June 9, 2007 at 4:17 am

    i guess freedom wasn’t really what i expected to find when i moved to this country but this is getting pretty close to communist russia. it started out ok, but then those in power kept trying to find new ways to get richer. looks to me like in a few years, we’ll have tanks in the streets. i guess it doesn’t matter though, since we’re supposed to get squashed by an asteroid in 7 years, but more likely, W will start a “nukular” war even sooner.

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