Homeland Stupidity

NYPD continues harassment of Britons

On Sunday New York Police Department officers removed five British tourists from a bus and held them kneeling on the ground in Times Square, according to BBC News. The five tourists were released shortly afterward, cleared of wrongdoing. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement that the men represented no threat, but that police were right to detain the five. Details are sketchy right now; if you have anything please send it in.

Also in NYPD/British relations, a British couple who were arrested by the NYPD in 2003 have sued, claiming that although they did nothing wrong, Mehmet Mahmut, 43, of south London, was assaulted by police, held for over 24 hours, accused of being a terrorist, and refused clean water in jail. Sounds like the Tombs to me. His crime? He apparently had lost his MetroCard. “He told me to drink from a fountain that people were urinating in.”

It’s getting positively frightening to be a tourist these days.