Inside the Saviour Sect, a radical Muslim terrorist group

The London Times placed a reporter undercover for two months inside the Saviour Sect, an extremist Muslim terrorist group operating in the U.K. The report in today’s Sunday Times shows what life as a terrorist is like.

Last week Omar Brooks stirred controversy with televised comments, but they were carefully chosen to avoid appearing to incite violence. On Saturday, July 2 he had been more forthright.

Speaking to a group of teenagers and families, he declared it was imperative for Muslims to “instil terror into the hearts of the kuffar’ and added: “I am a terrorist. As a Muslim of course I am a terrorist.’

The 30-year-old, who claims to have had military training in Pakistan, said he did not want to go to Allah while sleeping in his bed “like an old woman.’ Instead: “I want to be blown into pieces with my hands in one place and my feet in another.’ — Sunday Times

The Saviour Sect are not unknown. In April they disrupted a Muslim Council of Britain press conference.

The MCB secretary general, Iqbal Sacranie, suspended the press conference as one man shouted: “We are here to question the MCB and their alliance to the British government. We are here to condemn you and your organisation.’ He said voting in the general election was “an act of apostasy.’ — Guardian

It’s a fascinating read, and confirms just about everything you’ve ever heard on what these hate groups believe.

Thanks to BuzzMachine.