Home users don’t pay enough attention to disaster recovery

Consumers rarely have a disaster recovery strategy for their computer systems, and the few who do find it a frustrating experience, according to Larry Seltzer. But why bother?

A disaster, says Seltzer, can be anything: “a fire, it could be a hard disk crash, the computer could fall off the table, or it could be a massive virus infection or some other software disaster.”

Then what happens to your files? Even if the computer manufacturer repairs or replaces your computer under warranty, you’re going to find it comes back with the hard drive reformatted and back to factory software. All of your files will be gone. Or a virus could take out all your files.

Seltzer argues that simply having security software is not enough. How important is your data to you? Read the complete article at eWEEK.

I would say preventing disaster is the first thing to do. Installing Linux or getting a Macintosh would be a great first step towards preventing the inevitable disasters that befall Windows PCs.

Thanks to Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless.

One thought on “Home users don’t pay enough attention to disaster recovery

  • January 27, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Make that DURING a Windows software retardo phase. My solution is I never put anything on a computer that I wouldn’t put in the trash. I learned many years ago that Microsoft products are the buggiest, glitchiest, not respondingest, most unreliable, guaranteed to fail catastrophically when most needed, junkware on the market. Make that garbageware.

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