Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents accused of torture

A Nigerian man and a former Homeland Security employee filed complaints stating that the man was assaulted and tortured while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Oklahoma City.

The Nigerian, Daso Abibo, 51, alleged that as many as six ICE officers beat and tortured him after he asked his attorney to review a deportation document before he signed it.

“In a flash, five, maybe six officers attacked me,” he wrote.

“My legs were in shackles,” he stated. “One officer grabbed my neck from the back with his hand pressing it. Another officer was holding tight on my ears, twisting and pulling hard on them as if to pull them off my head — One officer was twisting my left hand, while another was busy knocking on my Achilles heel’s tendon. It was a nightmare. It was so painful, I asked them to shoot me — dead so they could get what they want.

“This is lawlessness under the law,” he complained. “I never fought back.” — Associated Press

Deanna Burdine, 65, of Oklahoma City, says she walked in on the officers while the beating was taking place, and was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle.

An FBI spokesman confirmed the agency is investigating the case, but ICE officials deny any wrongdoing. “There is no abuse of detainees by any ICE officers,” said Carl Rusnok, regional spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.