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Running behind the scenes of Matt Mullenweg‘s new commercial WordPress project,, is of course WordPress, everyone’s favorite blogging platform. And running on is Bad Behavior, the premier solution for blog spam.

Mullenweg attended the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco this week to promote as a corporate blogging platform competing with Six Apart’s TypePad service. is currently in an invitation-only phase as it ramps up to full service.

At the summit Mullenweg said one of the main features of, which will cause people to choose it over TypePad, is better spam protection. uses Bad Behavior as its primary line of defense against blog spam.

Bad Behavior works by analyzing the entirety of incoming HTTP requests to ensure that they match profiles of legitimate browsers, and don’t match profiles of known spammers. In addition to WordPress, Bad Behavior also runs on MediaWiki, Geeklog, and Drupal, and can be integrated easily into any PHP-based software. Bad Behavior is the only software known to exist which uses this approach, and in practice eliminates virtually all incoming spam while remaining very fast.

I’m proud to have Bad Behavior running on, and I’m proud to support, and all WordPress bloggers, in the fight against blog spam. Like WordPress, Bad Behavior is released under the GNU General Public License, and development of Bad Behavior is funded through user contributions. If you would like to contribute to further development of Bad Behavior, click here.

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  • October 21, 2005 at 11:28 am

    Thanks, my site used to be on the no 1 position when you where searching for Barnhard, before installing the plugins that’s why I asked.

    I thought that maybe the command: Googlebot follow is in your or Spam Karma script. Google may punish this line with a lower ranking.

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