New Jersey bans smoking in private college dorms

Acting New Jersey governor Richard Codey signed a law Monday to prohibit smoking in all college dormitories in the state, both public and private.

Previously smoking had only been banned in dorms in public colleges and universities.

New Jersey’s law is considered the toughest in the nation because it includes private, as well as public, universities. Other states, like Connecticut and Wisconsin, have legislated smoking bans that affect only public university residence halls.

Smoke-free living on college campuses now is the norm. Advocacy groups estimate that more than half of the nation’s public and private universities have stamped out smoking privileges in dorms. Nearly two-dozen colleges are known to have gone so far as to enact campus-wide smoking bans.

“The last five years saw us cross well over the halfway mark,” said Michael McNeil, director of Temple University’s health office and co-chairman of the American College Health Association’s alcohol and tobacco committee. — Daily Record

It’s perfectly fine for the state to regulate smoking on state campuses. It’s perfectly fine for private colleges to regulate smoking on their own campuses. But it’s not fine for the state to regulate smoking on private campuses. If this bad law is allowed to stand, then next you can expect the state to regulate smoking in your own home, and after that, the sky’s the limit. New Jersey has already looked at banning smoking in your own car.

However you feel about smoking, this law is completely un-American and is likely to be found unconstitutional — if we find a college student with the money to challenge it.

One thought on “New Jersey bans smoking in private college dorms

  • June 5, 2007 at 3:50 am

    Go ahead and ban smoking in dorms.. just like illegal drugs you will NEVER stop it.. just create a bunch of sneaks, who have to sneak around to smoke.

    Smoking bans do nothing..

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