De Menezes Tube shooting videotape wasn’t blank after all

It was revealed yesterday that CCTV tapes from Stockwell Tube station showing the final minutes of Jean Charles de Menezes’ life were not actually blank and contained “interesting’ footage that would eventually be shown in court, according to an IPCC spokesman.

This follows earlier claims that police had handed back CCTV tapes to tube staff saying: “They are blank.’

But an Independent Police Complaints Commission spokesman said there was no truth in that story.

He added: “There is CCTV footage in existence. It is interesting and it will be shown in court one day. I am not speculating about the content.’ — Daily Mirror

In case any of you were wondering why I didn’t report on the blank tapes sooner, I just had a feeling something else was going to come out. So I held on to it for a little bit.

Some of the footage apparently shows Mr de Menezes entering the Tube station, but it’s not known at this time whether footage of him on the platform or in the train is available.

Friends and family of Mr de Menezes have set up a Web site calling for the truth regarding the shooting and to bring those responsible to justice.

It now appears that a catalogue of errors has unfolded regarding Jean Charles’ murder. This includes deliberate and continued misleading of the public and the family by the Metropolitan Police.

The family are very shocked and distressed by the leaked information but it verified what the family already knew, that Jean did nothing wrong, that he was not wearing a bulky jacket or running from the police. The Family campaign is calling for the sacking of Metropolitan Chief Commissioner Sir Ian Blair who continued to mislead the public and for an immediate public inquiry into Jean’s murder. — The Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign