Get your TSA Secure Flight file

As you may be aware, the Transportation Security Administration, in testing its new Secure Flight program, secretly gathered data on millions of Americans, not only from airlines, but from commercial sources such as credit reports. When they were caught violating the Privacy Act, they then tried to retroactively change their privacy notification. And when that didn’t work, they started destroying the evidence.

Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation is requesting that all Americans file a FOIA request with the TSA asking for copies of anything the TSA might have on file for them from the Secure Flight program, so as to determine the extent of the violations and the damage.

Your request will not only push TSA to come clean about Secure Flight’s test phase, it will also help “reverse-engineer’ the program – giving us a clear view of how TSA will treat your private information when Secure Flight is fully implemented. — EFF

They have provided sample request forms in PDF, Word, and plain text formats.

I’m sending one of these in tomorrow. I actually did fly somewhere in May 2004, and I’m quite concerned I might have somehow gotten mixed up in this ill-conceived, ill-executed, and apparently illegal program.