Meet the fuckers? Not on Southwest Airlines

Lorrie Heasley, of Portland, Ore., was thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight in Reno when she refused to cover or remove the shirt she was wearing.

Heasley was wearing a shirt which says “Meet the Fuckers” surrounded by pictures of President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff and former FEMA head Michael Brown.

Heasley boarded her flight Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, headed for Portland, Oregon with a stopover in Reno. But when Southwest Airlines employees asked her to cover her shirt, her stop over became a stop off her flight.

“I was told that basically that I had to cover my shirt, or I was told if I cover the shirt I can basically stay on the plane.”

So she covered the shirt, but during a nap while passengers were boarding in Reno the cover came off. And Southwest employees insisted, change the shirt, or change flights. “I didn’t feel that I should have to change my shirt, because we live in the United States, and it’s freedom of speech and it was based on the movie ‘The Fockers,’ and I didn’t think it should have offended anyone.”

But it did. . . .

It was enough to cause complaints from other passengers and it’s a problem the airline has had to deal with before.

Beth Harbin, Southwest Airlines, [said] “We do get it occasionally. What someone is wearing, what someone is reading, what someone might be saying and it’s very much a judgment call. But when other customers become concerned we do have to become involved in that and see what we can do to make everyone as comfortable as we can.” — KRNV

One thing most Americans don’t seem to realize is that the First Amendment prohibition on infringement of freedom of speech applies to the government. It does not apply to private corporations or individuals. If I don’t like what you say in my house, I can most certainly ask you to leave.

The same applies to Southwest Airlines.

Heasley added Southwest Airlines to her list of fuckers, rented a car and drove back to Portland. “I most likely won’t be flying Southwest Airlines again after this,” she said.

The T-shirt is really funny, though. I think I will have to get me one. You can also get it on boxers, buttons, calendars, thongs, the whole lineup.