Hacking classes

Now you can learn to hack right from the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about FBI agents busting down your door and hauling you off.

Training company Learn Security Online has added hacking classes to its security training curriculum.

“We try to use as many interactive training methods as we can. We always focus on getting the student to really see what hacking is, and honestly games are just a great way for students to get the repetition that they need to be good at it,” said company founder Joe McCray in a prepared statement.

Not everyone agrees with the concept of teaching aspiring security professionals to hack. “Criminal justice programs don’t have students steal cars or commit rape to understand what motivates criminals or how to stop them,” said Gene Spafford, computer science professor at Purdue University.

McCray responded by saying that security professionals need to be aware of the techniques that hackers use in the real world, and that someone who does know these techniques would be better prepared to defend against them.

“It’s the IT professionals in the field that need this information to protect their networks. Their networks have our banking information, our medical information, our credit history, and company proprietary information. I don’t want someone that doesn’t even know basic attacks safeguarding that kind of information. I know of an incident where an attacker had been on a system for a few years without the company knowing it. The attacker had multiple backdoors on the system and was even applying security patches to it to keep other hackers out of it,” said McCray.

What do you think? Should “white hat” security professionals be familiar with “black hat” hacker techniques? Or is it completely unnecessary and dangerous to teach these techniques?

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