FEMA is a joke

A survivor of Hurricane Katrina, from New Orleans, La., told me last week that after the hurricane hit, she called the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s hotline (1 800 621-FEMA) daily, and every day, the FEMA workers would ask her for news, and give her an update on the red tape her disaster aid request was tied up in.

This appears to have been an all-too-common occurrence for hurricane victims, which led someone affected by Hurricane Rita in Texas to express the opinion that–

FEMA is a joke!
Seen outside a house on highway 96 between Jasper and Beaumont, Texas.
(Photo credit: Charles Stricklin)

Have you had a bad experience with FEMA? Tell us about it.

One thought on “FEMA is a joke

  • October 26, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    FEMA is a joke. Regardless of the disaster the aid is never distributed as it should be. Part of a mountain slid off into our back yard a few years back due to heavy rains. It messed up our grass and some of the vinyl siding on our house. FEMA stepped in to help and they only paid for the clean up, not to the damage done to our yard, house, or to secure the mountain so it wouldn’t slip again. Other people were given MORE than enough to fix their property. Today, 5 years later that mountain still sits there wit no braces holding it up and is beginning to slide out from under the roadway. The funny thing is, the mountain slipped in the first place because the drain pipe was damaged by the government earlier in the year by a heavy equipment operator cleaning it out.

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