Get a account with Flock Developer Preview 0.4.8

UPDATE: Want an account with Just start up Flock, click on “blog” on the start page, then click WordPress. You’ll get the special Flock users only signup page.

Just moments ago I got an email from Flock advising that a Developer Preview was available. So I decided to try it out. It’s most definitely changed quite a bit from version 0.1, the last version I reviewed.

And this time, I took a few screenshots.

Flickr Photo

I started up Flock, and it looks a whole lot like a certain Mozilla product. But a little deeper in, I found the blogging tool, which I’m using to compose this post.

Flickr Photo

Very nice. I just dragged a couple of pictures from Flickr into the post, and there they are.

Unfortunately, when I clicked Save Draft, it did indeed save the draft, and then I couldn’t figure out how to get it back again, to continue editing. Oh well, back to WordPress.

You can click the screenshots and see them full-size at Flickr.

Flock also allows you to share your bookmarks with other users, and has a couple of interesting features which will get a lot more interesting, once more people are using it. Flock uses as a backend to keep your “Favorites” in sync across computers, and if you make them public, your Favorites may appear in other users’ Flock menus.

Flickr Photo

Oh yes, it’s shaped up quite a bit, but still has a ways to go. For instance, I found a needless <br/> at the end of every paragraph that Flock wrote in this post, which I had to remove. I finally figured out how to edit a draft post, but Flock didn’t pick up on the fact that I’d edited it later in WordPress.

Overall I’m fairly impressed. Flock is making progress, and looks like it will be an incredibly useful piece of software.

I found one important bug you should be aware of: If you are in the Western Hemisphere, your blog post will not appear after you publish it in Flock. To work around this, edit the post in WordPress, check the “Edit timestamp” box, and click Save. Your post will then appear.

Oh, and if you do find a bug, drop a note to