Florida proposes pink DUI license plates

A Florida senator is proposing a bill that would require anyone who has had a DUI conviction and has had their driving “privileges” restricted to have special pink license plates on their car that contain the letters DUI.

Sen. Mike Fasano, of New Port Richey, filed a bill earlier this month that requires the first three characters on the plate to read “DUI.”

“Maybe it will embarrass people and keep them from drinking and driving,” Fasano said. “Maybe they’ll think twice.”

The bill also says police “may stop any vehicle that bears a DUI plate without probable cause to check the driver.” — Associated Press

There are many problems with this proposal, not least of which is the obvious privacy concerns. You are going to deliberately embarrass anyone who was convicted of DUI, and subject them to police harassment even when they have done nothing wrong.

And that doesn’t even begin to mention the fact that DUI convictions are very frequently bogus. For instance, breathalyzers measure a whole lot of things in addition to alcohol, and such a false reading means even someone completely sober could be convicted of DUI. And it’s very common for police to simply copy DUI reports wholesale from other arrest records to “save time.”

The DUI Blog covers this issue in depth, and you can find more on the situation there.

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One thought on “Florida proposes pink DUI license plates

  • May 11, 2007 at 7:16 am

    this hate law wont do any good to stop drivers from drinking
    for exanple, persons are given this tags they will
    transfer their registration to a spouse or other.
    is a hate crine for those people that dont drink and drive
    anymore on old convictions to have pink tag, have their live
    put to danger from others ho thinks they have right to punch

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