The Onion’s new TSA airport screening guidelines

Hm, I forgot to pick up a copy of this week’s Onion, so thanks to Bruce Schneier for reminding me. Sure enough, the TSA’s new airport screening guidelines are in there. And here at Homeland Stupidity, we never pass up a good government joke.

So the new guidelines, which went into effect Thursday, permit additional items such as small scissors and screwdrivers to be carried on board, so that screening resources can be focused toward less funny threats, like explosives and people with bipolar disorder.

And The Onion printed a really good lampoon of the new guidelines. Enjoy!

We’ll be back probably on Monday, unless news breaks. From all of us here at Homeland Stupidity to all of you living among the unwashed masses, and especially those of you inside the beltway, pick a holiday and have fun celebrating it!