EPIC 2005 Privacy Year in Review

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has released its list of top privacy issues for 2005 as well as a list of the issues they expect to make headlines in 2006. As one might expect, most of them are issues covered regularly here.

The alert highlights the Congressional battle over the PATRIOT Act reauthorization, the large number of data security breaches exposing people to identity theft, the Defense Department maintaining a database of students and conducting surveillance of peaceful activities, the State Department’s passport plans, and much more, as the top issues of 2005.

In 2006, it says we should watch out for, among other things, the implementation of REAL ID, workplace privacy and student privacy issues, the US-VISIT program which captures foreigners’ fingerprints, data mining, individual location tracking, and more.

Go read EPIC 2005 Year in Review. Props to (who else) Bruce Schneier.