Stupidity branches out

Homeland Stupidity is everywhere you look these days. And now, you just might see me posting about it at other Web sites.

In the last week or so I’ve managed to guest blog two posts at two different blogs which you may be interested in reading (or may not care at all about.)

The first, which was written before Christmas but only posted this week, deals with business continuity for professional bloggers. In other words, what happens when disaster strikes? I learned firsthand how important it is to prepare for disasters, both small and large, and shared some of what I know. It’s primarily through planning that I was able to survive losing my computer and continue writing this site (and my others), albeit at a much reduced capacity. If you intend to make a business of blogging, it’s a must-read, and must-act-upon.

Second, I was invited to write for the excellent libertarian group blog Hammer of Truth. My first entry over there, Closing the Welfare Revolving Door, deals with the U.S. welfare system and ways to improve it. I argued that people on welfare need more opportunities to get off welfare and remain self-sufficient, and that government actually impedes them by throwing up roadblock after roadblock.

I’ll probably be writing at other sites on occasion, as well, depending on who asks and what they want me to write about. Stay tuned!