Homeland Stupidity

Bad computer, no donut

Keene, N.H., police officers going to Dunkin’ Donuts ran into a problem: The store’s computers went haywire anytime they pulled in.

The wireless network used by the police computers interferes with the computers inside Dunkin’ Donuts whenever they come in range.

Police going to Dunkin’ Donuts now have to disconnect their computers from the network before going to Dunkin’ Donuts.

According to city officials, the wireless network is about as slow as dial-up, and is also spotty in places. “The spottiness is the root of the problem,” Rebecca Landry, Keene’s director of information management, told the Associated Press.

Police need to be able to use their computers to check for warrants and stolen vehicles wherever they are, even conceivably from Dunkin’ Donuts.

The police department has plans for an upgraded wireless network that would be faster, could be used by other departments as well, and wouldn’t interfere with Dunkin’ Donuts. If the city council approves, the system could be installed as early as next fall.

Then the police could quit using the drive-thru and actually go in to Dunkin’ Donuts again.