Excessive secrecy?

The Central Intelligence Agency reported to Congress that “On 7 December 2002, Iraq submitted a 12,200-page weapons declaration under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441. In that declaration, Iraq still maintained that it possessed no WMD, including BW or CW.”

Now the CIA refuses to confirm or deny this statement, which is still on its Web site.

The Project for Government Oversight requested documents from CIA under the Freedom of Information Act, to which CIA responded that it “can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence” of that very same weapons declaration it has posted on its Web site.

Some people argue that the Bush administration has gotten too secretive and isn’t sharing who knows what with the American public that it has a right to know. When I hear things like this, it certainly seems that way. If you can tell all of Congress, and all of the world by posting it on a government Web site, you can certainly confirm it. This seems a bit out of hand.