Ohio recount lawsuit thrown out

Well over a year after I first reported to you on allegations of voter fraud in Ohio, and the efforts of the Libertarian and Green parties to bring about a recount of the 2004 Ohio election returns, suits related to the election are still percolating through the courts. On Tuesday, a federal judge threw out one of two remaining lawsuits.

The suit, filed by the National Voting Rights Institute on behalf of two Presidential candidates, Libertarian Michael Badnarik and Green David Cobb, sued to force a “fair” recount of all precincts in the state. It alleged that the recount that was performed did not conform to the requirements of election law.

Although a recount would not affect the results of the election, supporters argue that a full recount would help to restore trust in the integrity of the election process.

“You don’t have to believe that a proper recount would have changed the ultimate winner in Ohio, to believe that the absence of a fair recount in Ohio is a deeply troubling sign for American voting rights,” said NVRI executive director Stuart Comstock-Gay.

Badnarik also made a statement Friday on the issue. “I was doing everything I could to put a stop to the blatant corruption being perpetrated by the two major parties,” he wrote. “One Ohio precinct had reported 4,000 votes for Bush, 2,000 votes for Kerry, but there were only 600 registered voters able to cast votes. I’m not an accountant, but that doesn’t add up.”

Stephen Gordon, communications director for Badnarik’s 2004 presidential campaign, pointed out that most of the opposition to the Libertarian Party’s involvement in the recount came from within the party itself. He and Badnarik agree that the allegations are unfounded.

“I had precisely zero control over any of the campaign money,” wrote Badnarik, and “no presidential campaign money was used in the recount.”

“At least he is doing something, as opposed to wasting perfectly good oxygen — like a vocal minority in the libertarian community does with their incessant bitching combined with a lack of meaningful action,” Gordon wrote.

Only a lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters remains, and the state has claimed it was frivolous.

That’s right, demanding fair elections is frivolous. You have no right to expect that your votes will be counted properly. You will take the election counts we give you, and be happy we let you pretend to vote at all. That’s the state’s position. What’s your position?

One thought on “Ohio recount lawsuit thrown out

  • February 12, 2006 at 6:46 am

    My God!!!! Demanding that my vote is frivolous. Last time I checked, It was “MY” money being used by the government. And I surely didnt get what I paid for. I am NOT from Ohio but I would be more then upset if I was and an elected public official said it was frivolus. Um didnt you vote him in? Oh wait. We don’t have a vote. our votes are already bought and paid for in advance.

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