Surveillance cameras in your home

Houston, Texas, police chief Harold Hurtt said Wednesday that he wants to put surveillance cameras all over the city, including in apartment complexes, shopping malls and possibly even within private homes.

“If you’re not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?” Hurtt said.

The cameras would be purchased by downtown businesses and once installed, run by the Houston Police Department. Hurtt also suggested that new apartment complexes and shopping malls be required to install surveillance cameras in order to get building permits.

The goal? “The goal is for people to feel safe,” said Bob Eury, executive director of the Houston Downtown Management District. “We’re finding new ways to make it basically safer in reality and perception.”

If only that were true. Surveillance cameras do not prevent crime. They may make it easier to catch criminals later, but as we all saw last July, they will not prevent determined criminals from committing their crimes.

And there are plenty of other reasons to worry about it, in fact. Are you ready for the surveillance camera in your home?

And when asked whether the need for cameras extends to private homes, he said, “If they’re putting a burden on the criminal justice system and cheating the other residents of Houston, yes.” — Houston Chronicle

As has been shown repeatedly throughout history, they test new coercive technology on convicts first, and then they force it on everyone. If this passes, the day may very well come when you too have a camera in your home watching everything you do. I think I read a book about that once.

Update February 21: Matt Asher is offering $1,000 — and others are ponying up their own money — for videotaped evidence of Hurtt committing any crime. It’s time to put the police chief under 24-hour surveillance!

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  • September 7, 2006 at 11:00 am

    what stupid ideas some people have–

    and btw:
    the book is 1984 by george orwell–
    big brother is watching you–

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