A message just for believers

Here’s a short message for those of you who feel you have the God-given responsibility to pass laws against what other people are doing, even when they aren’t doing anything to harm anyone else. Like purchasing sex, or smoking a joint, or believing in evolution.

God gave us free will for a reason. Who are you to take it away?

Repent now and quit trying to force people to behave according to your beliefs. (Proverbs 3:30-31) Otherwise you may one day find your own life controlled by someone else’s beliefs. (Matthew 7:1-2) A person must come to God of his own free will. (John 3:16) It does neither him nor you any good to attempt to force God on him.

One thought on “A message just for believers

  • March 20, 2007 at 8:04 am

    I am a believer myself en not ashamed to say so. What business does one have callin himself a christian if he doest even know who christ is? If you knew him, you would have thot better than that!

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