Orange County Sheriff’s Department harasses everybody

If you took a poll nationwide to find the most corrupt, out-of-control, heads-up-asses law enforcement agency in the whole country, the clear winner would be the Orange County, Calif., Sheriff’s Department.

In order to get harassed by the OCSD, all you have to do is be somewhere within the county. You don’t even have to be doing anything wrong. This is exactly what happened when Posh, one of the Suicide Girls, committed the horrific crime of being alive in Orange County.

According to Posh’s account of events, on Feb. 23, she was riding an Orange County Transportation Authority bus, listening to her iPod, when a sheriff’s cruiser stopped the bus for no obvious reason, and a deputy boarded. He and an undercover deputy who was already on the bus proceed to harass another woman for wearing headphones.

That’s right. They tried to make the ridiculous claim that wearing headphones on the bus is illegal. As Metroblogger Michael Randall points out, it is not illegal to wear headphones on the bus, unless you happen to be the bus driver.

After they finished harassing the other woman, they moved on to Posh.

they are about to leave when the undercover notices me with my ipod. do you have your id, he rudely asked. i asked why. he informs me that what i’m doing is illegal. that i can only have one earphone in at a time. i was looking at him completely dumbfounded. shaking, i looked through my bag for my id then he took down all of my info. when he saw that my id was from canada, he asked why i was in the country.

this is complete bullshit. as if riding the orange county bus isn’t bad enough as it is with its ridiculous service, horrible people and poor routing choices, now this? this inane shit? getting harassed at 8 in the morning is not bloody cool at all, especially for doing something so beyond common. i’ve never, ever been in trouble with the police. in fact, i’ve never had to talk to one because of something i’ve done. so having to deal with this was so stressful. . . .

i called scopitone immediately, completely in tears over this. when he called the sheriff’s department to find out what the fuck was going on, he was told that today they are having a zero tolerance campaign. they are making examples out of people, so that possible rapists, or other such types will fear the possibility of undercover cops on the bus. so i was made an example of. me. they told him it was possible that someone else on the bus looked suspicious, and they wanted to scare him. this law doesn’t even exist. the closest law to this involves actually operating a vehicle, and not riding the bus. the bus book states one must wear headphones. plural! well done, lying bastard sheriff. — Posh

I couldn’t possibly express the outrage any better.

Harassing innocent people to “send a message to criminals” is the most head-up-ass thing I have read all week.

Orange County has previously been featured here for its practice of assaulting people with Tasers and pepper spray while handcuffed.

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