Bits of homeland stupidity

This week’s bits start early with a roundup of stupid laws, stupid application of laws, stupid bureaucrats, and stupid people who want more stupid laws and more stupid taxes.

  • Chicago, Ill. Public Schools requires all high school sophomores to take a driver education class and pass a written test. Including people who will never drive, such as Mayra Ramirez, 16, who is blind. (Props.)
  • Daniel Landrum, 43, of Compton, Ky., saved two people from a burning car Wednesday after their car had crashed, and by way of thanks, state police arrested him for having a suspended license.
  • University of North Carolina dumbass “scientist” Barry Popkin has proposed warning labels on soda, as well as a soda tax, saying that the nation’s obesity problem is linked to soda consumption.
  • Speaking of taxation, University of Michigan dumbass “economist” Joel Slemrod wants to tax people who he thinks work too much. “High-income, highly educated people are particularly likely to suffer from workaholism with regard to deciding when to retire — going cold turkey on their addictive behavior,” he said.
  • Kansas City, Mo., student Frasier McCart, 10, found what he thought was a gun while waiting at the bus stop on the way to school. He picked it up and intended to turn it in to the principal when he got to school. While it turned out to be a toy gun, rather than a real one, he still got punished because he had told another student on his way to the principal’s office.

Many of today’s stories came from the excellent Free Talk Live radio show and podcast.

One thought on “Bits of homeland stupidity

  • March 12, 2006 at 8:25 am

    With my many years of plain observation, I have noticed that the vast mayority of people in this world(good or bad)are locked and asleep in some sort of subcounscious-autopilot state throughout the day that allows them to survive while ignoring the fearfull-reality that surrounds them’some might call it ‘coping with stress’.
    Similarly to the way a Cuban turkey hides its head in the ground during impending danger, most of these people turn to some sort of god to fix the problems they don’t want to face or deal with.
    Now, After reading your article , I just want to cry because I cannot fall to sleep–

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